where has this been all my life


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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

A thousand people in an iron box. No food, no water. After a month, we ate the weak…. You know what I hate about myself? I know what people tastes like…. I know that babies taste best.

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here’s a thiiing


These are the main characters of my mask story I’m still working on. I’ve posted a bit about them before but thought I’d do a revisit, having developed them a little more (though I still haven’t given them names >.>;;)



dude shovel knight is one of the best most recent games I’ve played in a really long time. Check it out if you haven’t. If you love megaman / zelda games, you absolutely love this! 

I’m going to put a 20”x50” print of this in the OTAKON auction!! I’m also going to sell duo prints of this (2 12x18s). Come fine me at W11!~ 


Batgirl of Burnside close-ups

Thought you might like to see some close-ups of my latest. At this distance, you can see more of the flaws, but you also get a better sense of all the layers and textures at play.

Full picture here: